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Phonetest was first offered in 2008 by Kingsway English Centre, Worcester UK to provide an English language assessment tailored to the needs of international industry. The test contains several components to enable a check of all four skill areas and an in-depth report for you as an employer. It is particularly suited to situations where a high level of verbal communication is required.

In 2020 Kingsway English Centre closed and the business was rebranded to Worcester School as part of the Worcester Education Ltd group. At the same time the original iconic spelling "Fonetest" was changed to "Phonetest" to reflect a fresh new organisation moving forward.

Worcester School

Worcester Medical premises

Worcester School is the organisation behind Phonetest. The directors are Rick and Sue Johns (ex-Schlumberger Oilfield Services) who have been in the professional English language teaching business for over 30 years. They can assure you of excellent service backed up with qualified staff and great attention to detail.

Quality Assurance

We used to run Kingsway English Centre which was accredited by the British Council and a member of English UK (the national association of English language schools) for 32 years before closing in 2020. Having adhered to strict quality rules for most of our lives we only know how to do things properly, so even though we are not accredited now we still run a 'perfect' operation which delights our customers.