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Why Phonetest?


Globalisation has brought a new dimension to the way we work – including the way we recruit and train staff. Global recruitment has enabled us to build geographically, politically and economically stable workforces all over the world, ready to respond to the work, wherever it appears.

However, ensuring all of your staff world wide can communicate with each other, and communicate to the same standard, is a relatively recent problem. And one which comes with globalisation!

Communication – usually in English, the lingua franca of many organisations – has become the cornerstone upon which future careers are built. But recruiting in 50 countries often means assessing skills to 50 different standards. So how can you be sure that what passes for 'good' in Azerbaijan does so in Zambia? Or what is rated 65% in Brazil is rated 65% in Singapore?

This is where Phonetest can help you. A 15 minute phone interview with your employee can give you all the confidence you need to know that they comply with your standards.

You set the standard. We deliver the information to you – wherever you are – in less than one hour.