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Features of Phonetest

Telephone Operator

Phonetest is a quick and convenient service which means that wherever you are you can have fast access to a reliable evaluation of your recruits' or employees' ability to communicate in English, through a simple web browser.

Phonetest checks ability to communicate in English in a real life situation which means that you have a 'real life' check and not just another online English test of reading and grammar skills. It tests the English skills that you really need!

Phonetest has over 30 years' experience in teaching and assessment of English which means that you can rely on professionals giving you with consistent and accurate results.

Phonetest does not tie you up with contracts or minimum order quantities which means that you can just target the test where you really need it, and when you really need it.

Phonetest gives you knowledge, and knowledge is power. Power to make the right decisions – fast which means that when you need to know your new hires or employees will be able to live up to the job, you can make your choices with the comfort of that knowledge. Yes or No?

Phonetest is reliable, consistent and quality controlled which means that you can relax knowing that quality and consistency are being monitored for your peace of mind.

Phonetest offers excellent value for money. For a small investment you can have the information in 1 hour that could save you and your company thousands. For new recruits you can check you are getting what you are expecting; For existing employees you can check they are up to the job.