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Benefits of Phonetest

Senior adult working from home

1. Improve the efficiency of your recruiting process

If you are recruiting for your organisation we can take a brief from you on the job requirements and assess your potential recruits before you commit to hiring them. Use this information to decide whether to hire the candidate anyway and pay for English training, or ask the candidate themselves to get English training before employing them.

Are you recruiting for working on a ward, a nursing managerial role, a senior executive post? Whatever situation you are in, we can craft a script of questions to check on the English language skills to suit your particular need.

2. Improve the cost effectiveness of your company training programmes

Make informed decisions regarding employees' on-going English language training needs. We can provide assessments of existing employees who may be changing jobs within your organisation so that you can decide if further training is needed for them to perform effectively in their new role.

Target your training budgets to where they are really needed. The ultimate use of Phonetest! Rather than use the scatter gun approach and provide everyone with training, why not determine those in need and focus your resources where they are needed?

3. Measure the effectiveness of your own local English training

Many of our clients use local English training schools because they are much cheaper than sending employees abroad for training. The problem is knowing how your employees are progressing. Your local school may have one view, but wouldn't you like an independent opinion? Phonetest can give you that.

4. Benchmark your global workforce communication to one scale

We can provide a complete language audit of your organisation, or a department of your organisation. This will determine the ability of the organisation as a whole to operate in international markets. It will also establish current levels of English and help you 'benchmark' your team so that those in need can be targeted for training.