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What our customers say

We are very happy with the services your company is providing – especially that your tests could be arranged at [such] short notice.

I have listened in to at least one of the tests in progress. I felt the interviewers are always friendly and encouraging to make our crew comfortable and speak out in proper English sentences instead of speaking or replying in short phrases as Filipino candidates tends to do.

PBP, Singapore

We have a good data base now and it proved to work.

SR, Azerbaijan

I really appreciate the result. Thank you much for helping me on this. Just realize that your standard is very high which I like better. I found this from the English test result you sent me.

Thank you and best regards.

HS, Brazil

Thanks for the comments. The pleasure is our to see who Phonetest is contributing on the training for our people.

RAO, Venezuela

I am a personnel manager in Japan. We have been using your service for a few years now. I appreciate the good service you have provided to us.

Best regards,

YO, Japan