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Professional English language assessment of speaking and listening skills through personal interview

Worcester School
40 Foregate Street
Worcester WR1 1EE, UK

Tel: +44 1905 619877

Worcester School is a trading name of Worcester Education Limited Registered in England No.12620126 (dedi-server)

Welcome to Phonetest

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Welcome to Phonetest English assessment

A live one-to-one English level check by phone, Skype, Zoom or Teams with immediate results for just GBP£95

Phonetest is carried out by humans - it is not a computer based test

"Phonetest is a unique, quick and easy check of English speaking and listening skills to help you make employment decisions"

If you have employees whose English you need to evaluate quickly and accurately, then Phonetest is perfect for you. It gives you an English level assessment by telephone, Skype, Zoom or Teams so you can quickly evaluate speaking and listening skills.

Excellent for personnel managers and recruiters to be able to make quick decisions on whether to employ someone or not, and to evaluate further training needs. Reports are viewable via web browser from anywhere in the world. Phonetest can save thousands of pounds by avoiding expensive mistakes!

Immediate booking online – right here on the Phonetest website with a simple click of your mouse!

Results in one hour – view online or download to your computer within one hour of the test being taken!

Woman Telephonist

Benefits of Phonetest

  • Improve the efficiency of your recruiting process
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of your company training
  • Measure the effectiveness of your own local English courses
  • Benchmark your global workforce communication to one scale

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What our customers say Features of the Test What do I get?
Businessman "I really appreciate the result. Thank you much for helping me on this. Just realize that your standard is very high which I like better." HS, Brazil. Keypad The ability to make informed decisions regarding employees further on-going English language training needs. What do I get You will receive an A4 one-page report broken down in to the areas of vocabulary, accuracy, pronunciation, comprehension, fluency & confidence.
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